skin analyzer machine | Modle:HL-J009

5.0mp skin analyzer machine introduction 5.0 MP high resolution skin scope analyzer ,This system is a kind of multi-functional equipment with beautiful interface and all-sided utility functions. It comprises five analysis modules which are available to analyze the changes of skin Sebum / Pigment / Collagen / Elasticity / pore / Acne / Sensitivity/ Moisture / Analysis report, To our big surprise, all skin images can be converted into 3D skin images through real 3D reduction technology. In addition, the images can be analyzed from arbitrary angles. The comprehensive report with excellent text and pictures present all test results to clients in the form of percentages. In this way, the clients can understand the analysis results and status of real skin clearly. Also to choose corresponding product to go with the test results is allowed. Meanwhile, you can promote the new products in background. Skin Scope Analysis machine,Software analysis systems: Sebum / Pigment / Collagen / Elasticity / pore / Acne / Sensitivity/ Moisture / Analysis report. Main features 1, can enter the company promotion and image promotion; 2, customer information management (name, age, gender, address, etc.); 3, customer iris diagnosis: A, using computer graphics technology, partition the iris, and list the symptoms, indepth analysis B, the common symptom diagnosis: aging arc, skin metabolism, micro venous hyperemia, drug spot, etc.; C, comparative analysis, compared with the typical symptom of reference gallery images, analy, test results; D, record test images E, the typical symptoms image archive, and can add reference gallery; 4, according to the special iris detector test results,to determine the health status of the customer 5, provide the corresponding nursing methods and recommended health products; 6, store customer iris image acquisition multiple iris image at the same time provide analysis, archive Warranty:1 year Color white&green Product Keywords: skin analyzer os Windows: XP, WIN2000, 2003, Vista, Win7, 8. Accessories: 1. Main body       X1pc 2. Handset        X1pc 3. 50XP Skin Lens    X1pc 4. Aluminum Box   X1pc 5. 1.5 Meter USB Line   X1pc 6. Lens protective cover   X1pc Package: * SKIN CHART     X1pc * Instructions & Warranty      X1pc * CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software)   X1pc

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