Ret rf slimming machine HL-RE01

  • Name:ret rf slimming machine
    Rated Power:500W
    Probe:RET Probes for body, leg, face
    RET RF Frequency:448HZ
    Voltage:AC110V ~ 220V; 50Hz ~ 60Hz
    RET radiofrequency Therapy devices transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissuehyperthermy. RET high frequency electromagnetic energy is proudced between the twoelectrodes,the neutral electrode and resistive handle.When it's working,the electrical balance of the cells and the molecular physiological displacement of the matrix will be affeted. But theoscillation which is being recreated with the displacement currents have a positive effect on the alterated components of the tissues.
    Fat reduction
    Lift sagging skin
    Body remodelling
    Reduces wrinkles
    Tighten loose skin
    Increase collagen level
    Enhances luminosity of the skin
    Face and neck lifting & remodelling
    Muscle relaxation,edema reduction,pain relief
    Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
    Cellulite treatment and skin partial reconstruction
    • Advantage:
      Spanish RET technology, burning fat and cellulite deep inside;
      Non invasion, painless, no down time, comfortable treatment;
      Available to treat all over body , extraordinary efficacy;
      Metal housing of device and cart, fashion and solid.

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