Renewable Design for Table Top Facial Steamers - Portable IPL | Modle:HL-B04 – Bowei

1. Working principle: 
OPT machine combines Sapphire Contact Cooling, Optimal Pulse Technology(OPT) and sine wave RF output technology perfectly.OPT keeps each pulse stable and regular; guarantees consistent energy density output and ensures treatment safety. The sine wave maintains a stable RF energy output which makes results more effective and the clients feel more comfortable. OPT takes optimal pulse OPT and bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic wave with special width-spectrum, selectively acts on target texture, to do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, hair removal, wrinkle removal effectively.
2. Treatment Scope:
1) OPT SHR Permanent hair removal;
2) Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, and pigment removal;
3) Improving skin’s situation: more smooth, tender, delicate and elastic;
4) Changing complexion dark: skin whiting and uniform color;
5) Removing the pigment and scar: removing the sun-induced freckle, speckle, etc.
6) Removing the acne and blain to imprint
7) Removing the vascular lesions and blood vessel
4. Advantages:
1) Xenon lamp is from USA, which can ensure 60000-100000 shots.
2) Skin safety control, sapphire skin contact cooling, -2 ~ +2 ℃.
3) Intelligent temperature control module, it ensures long working time and much
safer for skin.
4) Different spot sizes available, either for small area or big area, all works.
5) 7 different filters available, so the system multifunctional for almost all kinds of