Picosecond laser machine

Picosecond laser machine remove color tattoo fast no pain,carbon therapy,skin rejuvenation Work Theory of Professional newest painless nd yag portable picosecond laser tattoo removal machine 755nm: The laser photothermal machine carburate, shred the pigments or spots by the instantly powerful laser power capacity. The ambient skin tissues are not hurt, no side effect. The pigments are selectively to different laser wavelength, the 755nm Nd yag laser generate laser effective to pigments like,black, brown, stains. The pigments tissues will be shredded, and the stains will fade with metabolism. The surgery take a quarter,immediately result, no bleeding, no scalpel acquired, it is the most effective pigments surgery. The pigments tissue will fade and the skin will get lighter when the laser wavelength impact the pigments tissues. The laser removes freckles, zygomatic mole, spots, Ota's nevus, senile plaque, sun burned spots and tattoos. The advantage of the 755nm nd yag laser: 755nm Nd yag laser impact the pigments tissues faster and more effective. The laser impact the pigments tissues faster the safer it gets, more effective with less treatment shots consumed. The 755nm Nd yag laser shred the pigments tissues into scrappy dust,the pigments are more faster and more effectively absorbed, the treatment take less time and sessions, immediately result. Dimensions:51*43*58cm Weight:18kg Consumed power:500VA Overcurrent protector:220V, 16A Output mode:pico nd yag laser pulsed output Wavelength:1320nm, 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, Laser pulse width:2-8ns Frequency:1-10HZ Single Pulse energy:10mj-2500mj Safety distance:NOHD 1km. Operator must wear goggles Cooling system:Water cooling Work mode:Continually work with intervals Spot Size:1-8mm adjustable Energy:10mj-2500mj

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