Which effect is better, hot lift or electric wave lift?

Relati and radio wave lift are both popular anti-ageing beauty items in beauty salons before the appearance of Remaji. They have become popular in the entire beauty industry. Even Remaji is on the market, and both Remaji and radio wave lift are very popular for people to go to beauty salons. The anti-ageing beauty items that I like are not only because these two beauty instruments have been popular for a long time, but also because of their good anti-aging effects. Which effect is better than hot lift and electric wave lift?
Hot Lift was launched in the United States in 2015 and was developed and produced by Feyton Laser Company of Israel. Hot Lift uses a unique \”Focus RF” technology, RF skin tightening is limited, and can focus RF energy at a specific depth under the skin. The effect of “heating, layering and anti-wrinkle”, and through the research-jingke element, it is better to stimulate fibroblasts to disperse in the raw cells at a double speed, dissolve facial fat cells, tighten the skin contour, repair damaged fibrous tissue, and promote collagen The re-growth of fiber achieves the purpose of wrinkle removal, firmness and skin enhancement.
Which effect is better, hot lift or electric wave lift?
After the heat lifting operation, the skin will feel tightened. This is an immediate effect, and it will last for about a week. As time goes by, the collagen continues to be alive, and the skin condition will gradually become tender and full. Through proper maintenance and good living habits during the operation period, the effect will be maintained steadily. The heat lift requires multiple operations to consolidate it. After finishing the effect, after one cycle is completed, the effect of heat-lifting will slowly manifest. According to the normal natural aging rate, it can generally be maintained for 1-2 years.
The radio wave lift is a non-invasive anti-aging project. The electric wave lift uses the amount of electric waves to increase the temperature of the cortex, stimulates the contraction of the cortex, tightens the skin, and promotes the production of collagen. It is a kind of stimulation of subcutaneous collagen in the regeneration process. The protective operation instrument, which acts on the cortex, will stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. The electric wave lift produces deep skin temperature changes, which promotes blood circulation and promotes the effectiveness of collagen repair operations. When the temperature reaches the midpoint between 68 and 72 degrees Celsius, collagen produces immediate contraction, and at the same time stimulates the cortex to secrete more new collagen to fill the vacancy of contracted and lost collagen, thereby supporting it again The scaffold of the skin restores skin elasticity.
The effects of electric wave lift and heat lift are very good. They can change the sagging skin and improve the face. Of course, there are some differences between them. To put it simply, there are three main differences between thermage and radio wave lift: 1. The intensity is different. The electric wave lift only acts on the superficial layer of the skin and promotes near-circulation; while thermage can go deep into the skin and stimulate collagen to grow. It must be operated by an experienced doctor. 2. The degree of damage to the skin is different. Thermage has an air-conditioning tank, which is the “ice wave”, which causes less damage to the epidermis during operation. 3. The immediate effect is different. Radio wave lifting requires multiple operations, and the effect of wrinkle removal is limited; before the launch of Remag, histopathological biopsy confirmed that it has a direct stimulation effect on skin and body collagen, and achieves the purpose of facial rejuvenation through biological effects.