What is a high frequency beauty instrument?

I heard that there are people who suffer from backache, backache, hand and foot pain from doing housework, and become overweight and have thick hands and feet because of eating too much, isn’t it? What age is it now, how could such a thing still exist? ! Come and try the high frequency beauty equipment! Help you soothe your tiredness!

1. The principle of high frequency instrument?

High-frequency waves are electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100KHZ, which use high-frequency waves to generate heat in the skin cortex and make the skin better. The power of collagen under the skin is increased by heat, and then the elasticity of cells is induced, and the fat cells under the cortex are dissolved through heat conduction.

2. What is the function and effect of high frequency?

a. It can reduce body fat, and can play the role of relaxation, as well as the function of scraping and cupping.

b. On the face, it can arouse the power of cells, which is called the “ironing” of the skin, reduce wrinkles, improve the absorption capacity of the skin, repel the dullness and yellowness of the skin, and help the skin beautify.

c. In the body, it can help blood circulation, reduce physical and mental fatigue, reduce body moisture and cold, warm the meridians and dispel cold, reduce fat, tighten and beautify the skin, and help the body shape a better shape.

3. What is the cost-effectiveness of high-frequency beauty equipment?

Regarding this, let me briefly talk about its overall situation. First of all, it has a negative pressure suction tool that can cooperate with Anmo to reduce the poison in the body. Heating by LED light can also reduce the physique and shape the body. The suction can be adjusted by itself. , It can also use high-frequency waves to stimulate the power of collagen under the skin, and it can also dissolve fat cells through thermal conduction. So many benefits, the price is not high. So I don’t need to say more about the price!