RF effect

Wrinkle firming skin

The application of radio frequency in facial rejuvenation such as wrinkle removal is also known as “radio wave face lift” or “ice wave face lift”. Radio frequency wrinkle removal is to send radio waves into the subcutaneous tissue through the radio frequency treatment device, so that the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue generates heat energy. It uses the principle that the collagen fibers in the dermis will shrink immediately at 55-70 ° C. The principle of radio wave facelift has It has two functions of lifting the skin and promoting collagen regeneration. When the collagen shrinks immediately, it also stimulates the dermis to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thereby holding up the skin’s scaffold again, making the thickness of the dermis of the skin and the thickness of the dermis. Increases density, fills in wrinkles and improves sagging. The effect of a course of radiofrequency wrinkle removal lasts for 2-3 years.

treat stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by the bulging of the enlarged uterus after pregnancy. When the limit of the elastic fibers of the skin is exceeded, the elastic fibers are ruptured, and the rectus abdominis tendon also separates to varying degrees. As a result, pink or purple-red irregular longitudinal cracks appeared on the skin of the abdomen. The radio frequency wave can penetrate the barrier of melanocytes in the epidermis basal layer, heat the collagen fibers in the dermis to 55-65°C, and shrink the collagen fibers, so that the skin at the stretch mark is stretched. Increase and repair the collagen layer damaged by aging, thereby reducing the length and width of striae stretch marks and achieving the purpose of reducing stretch marks. Radiofrequency beauty is suitable for stretch marks with less severe abdominal sagging.

RF Lean Muscle

Radio frequency technology can be applied to calf gastrocnemius hypertrophy and simple masseter hypertrophy. This is that the radio frequency wave emitted by the radio frequency transmitter enters the target tissue from the uninsulated part of the tip of the radio frequency needle, and the high frequency alternating current can make the direction of the tissue ions change with the current. Vibration is generated, which causes the ions in the tissue around the electrode to oscillate, and the ions collide with each other to generate heat by friction, that is, resistance heat generation. The temperature can reach 90-120 °C, resulting in a local high heat effect, which promotes the occurrence of vacuoles in the muscle fibers in the local RF damage area, and then shrinks and pulls. Tightening, deformation and atrophy, thereby improving local muscle hypertrophy. The whole process of tissue changes after radiofrequency treatment takes about 3-6 months.