How to operate shot blasting to ensure safety

When it comes to the specific application range of the shot blasting machine, it is necessary to mention strengthened parts. According to the metal strength theory used in the machinery industry, they generally think of interpreting the way to increase the strength of the metal is to increase the dislocation density between the metals, but it is indeed proved through some practice that the most effective way to improve the dislocation structure of the metal is The process method is shot blasting machine.
Especially for some parts that cannot achieve transformation hardening or through transformation hardening, such as martensitic quenching, etc., which need to be strengthened and strengthened, their significance is very important. , Especially in industries such as the tractor industry, the aviation industry, the automobile industry, and the aerospace industry, they all require their various construction parts to be lighter, but the reliability requirements are becoming more and more Well, the process that can be adopted at this time is to use shot peening technology to increase the fatigue strength and strength of the component. So how should the shot blasting machine be operated to ensure safety?
1. It is not possible to directly operate the shot blasting machine without any protective equipment. When recycling and adding iron sand, first turn on the vertical spiral, dust removal fan, horizontal spiral, and bucket elevator.
2. Normally, the dust removal pulse in the shot blasting machine must be turned on periodically, and then back blown, so that the dust inside can be removed.
3. After the shutdown, it is necessary to extend the time of the dust removal pulse for back-blowing, which usually takes 30 minutes.   It is not allowed to continuously turn on the control switch in the shot blasting machine in a very short interval. Doing so will easily cause the shot blasting machine to generate a large