E light beauty apparatus

E-light beauty instrument is a kind of phototherapy technology, adding rf technology on the basis of photonic skin tenderness. Since the treatment depth of traditional IPL equipment can only reach subcutaneous 4mm, and the treatment depth can reach subcutaneous 15mm, e-light beauty instrument greatly improves the application range of e-light beauty technology. So E could only joint and complementary advantages of high frequency electromagnetic wave, a 5 to 10 times of photons, the skin to make use of intense pulsed light a treatment with a nature of beauty. Ordinary light (laser/light) in the treatment process, based on the principle of selective absorption of light, the light energy in penetrate cutis, be absorbed by skin pigment of, high-energy or dark skin treatment risk is bigger. In addition, since most of the light energy is reflected and refracted, only 30~40% of the energy that actually reaches and is fully absorbed by the target tissue takes place. Therefore, in order to achieve the therapeutic purpose, energy needs to be increased. However, the absorption of a large amount of light energy by epidermal pigment limits the selection of energy during treatment to be too large, thus affecting the effect of single treatment. Since E light is mainly used to adjust the impedance value of target tissue during treatment, it can guide RF(radio frequency) energy to concentrate on target tissue. Light energy is not the primary healing energy, thus avoiding the problem of reflection and refraction of the primary energy. Based on the characteristics of RF(radio frequency), the thermal effect of RF(radio frequency) on skin tissues depends on the current density, and the distribution of current density depends on the impedance distribution of skin tissues. The higher the tissue temperature, the lower the impedance, the higher the current density, and the higher the thermal effect. Conversely, the lower the tissue temperature, the higher the impedance, the lower the current density and the lower the thermal effect. Therefore, the absorption of RF(radiofrequency) energy in the target tissue that plays a major therapeutic role is not affected by the epidermal pigment barrier. RF(radiofrequency) energy can fully act on the target tissue to obtain a good therapeutic effect
E light beauty apparatus
A. biological stimulation: A strong pulse wavelength more wide spectrum of A particular colour light, direct illuminate the skin surface, selective effect on abnormal skin pigment target tissue and blood vessels, break the abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood capillary, intense pulsed light is absorbed by the collagen moisture at the same time, the thermal effect to stimulate collagen hyperplasia, thus increase the elasticity of the skin, tender skin, wrinkles, and to remove the effect of the red blood silk.
B. light pyrolysis principle: strong pulse photon hair removal technology according to the principle of selective pyrolysis of light that a particular wavelength of intense pulsed light for hair, absorbed by the melanin hair shaft and follicle selective and instantaneous formation of local high temperature, make the hair follicle coagulation necrosis, and does not damage normal skin and sweat glands, inhibit the growth of the hair, the effect of permanent hair removal.
C. Selective photothermal decomposition theory can be used to explain that the absorption of melanin to shorter wavelengths of light at 250~1200nm, and the absorption peaks of oxygenated hemoglobin are 418, 542 and 577nm. In this way, the light emitted by the treatment head with a wavelength of 540nm is easily absorbed by melanin and oxygenated hemoglobin to generate conductive heat, resulting in thermal damage to the collagen fibers. Collagen fibers can absorb a large amount of light at 400-600nm. Therefore, the light at 530-1200nm emitted in the e-light treatment can be partially absorbed by the collagen fibers, causing damage to the collagen fibers and resulting in activation of fiber cells and increased collagen synthesis. Not only collagen I hyperplasia was observed, but also collagen III hyperplasia was observed, because type III mainly occurs around blood vessels, and e-light machine can effectively change pigmentation, reduce telangiectasia, reduce fine wrinkles, shrink pores, improve skin texture and overall improvement.

Scope of treatment
E light part: permanent hair removal, whitening and tender skin, freckle removal, acne removal, remove red blood.
Radio frequency (RF) part: remove wrinkles, tighten skin, lift skin, restore skin elasticity and luster.
1. Depilation: permanent depilation, excessive hair all over the body (arms, armpits, calves, lips, forearms, hairline and other parts of the body), including small hair with lighter color.
2. Freckle removal: remove freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne marks and facial blemishes.
3. Tender skin: improve coarse pores and rough skin.
4. Treatment of telangiectasia: redness and facial flushing.
5. Improve complexion, whiten skin and even color.
6. Wrinkle removal: remove fine lines around the corners of the eyes, smooth lines, laughing lines, skin lifts, etc
7. Whiten and restore skin elasticity.

1. The absorption of RF(radio frequency) energy is not affected by the pigment barrier.
2. Can be used on dark skin and light soft hair.
3. Low energy pulsed light reduces the risk of skin burn and pain.
4. Eliminate side effects caused by overheating of light energy.
5 special safety device, safety protection of the skin.
6. The treatment head is directly attached to the skin, no need to control the distance from the skin and easy to grasp.
7. Patented epidermal cooling technology makes the clinic safer and more comfortable.