Modle Number:HL-PD01E

DESCRIPTION About PDT Skin Whitening Led Lamp The functions: BLUE (823nm) It is very helpful for eliminating acne bacteria, inhibiting sebaceous glands and resting allergic skin. RED (876nm) Whitening and rejuvenating skin and removing yellow spots For skin cell regeneration, it stimulates collagen regeneration, alleviates acne scar, relieves wrinkle skin pain and activates active ingredients. GREEN (852nm) It can also provide deep cosmetology for skin and promote the metabolism of skin cells and the secretion of collagen. YELLOW (730nm) Effect of Deep Repair on Freckle Removing and White Skin Fuctions: 1. Make the skin produce cosmetic efficacy of collagen, make skin bright and white, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 2. Tighten pores, improve the overall skin brightness, make the skin smooth and elastic recovery. 3. The desalt splash, red blood silk, accelerate improving problem skin and repair the skin after sunburn. 4. To promote the face blood circulation, lock the skin moisture. 5. Provide skin cell activation energy, accelerate the metabolism of skin, make skin keep like baby carefully. 6. Reduce acne inflammation, firming skin, particularly effective. Advantage: 1.360 lamp beads,lt can directily reach the deep layer of the skin about 5 mm anti-inflammatory sterilization. so as to achieve whitening effect. can do it to all the body,whitening and brighteningcan be achieved on asuper-large scale. 3.Gradient photocyclic light resarch shows that it is less harmful to skin. safe and more effective 4.Large irradiation range medical grade lamp beads.good effect, not ordinary spectrometer 5.A space-free folding ,you desenve it

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