Modle Number:HL-PD01C

DESCRIPTION Photodynamic Therapy(PDT) a skin treatment based on medical theory. It utilizes an LED light source in combination with a photosensitive cosmetic or medicine to treat various of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, redness, papules, bumps, pustule. Besides, the LED photodynamic therapy(PDT), as a new method of cosmetic technology, has been frequently used for skin care purpose. The photon energy has positive effects on skin cells. It accelerates the cell growth, improve collagen and elastin generation, promote the micro-blood-circulation and improve the overall skin condition. Time tunnel - light quantum cell enzyme activator High energy narrow spectrum cold light treatment by NASA According to the theory of two Nobel Prize winners groundbreaking phototherapy technology products, benefit the light of human life! International most avant-garde human engineering aesthetic design, internal and external repair, create a classic! Advantages 1. Easy operation. 2. Non-invasive, no hurt to skin. 3. Suitable for any kind of skin. 4. Detachable and save space. 5. Multiple lights and modes. 6. Calcium supplement light. APPLICATION Red light: wavelength 635nm
It is suitable for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and has the function of stopping seepage, promoting the growth of granulation tissue and accelerating the healing.
Blue light: wavelength of 415nm
Treatment of acne, neonatal jaundice, dispel wrinkles, calm hypnosis, desensitization, sterilization, psychological treatment. Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, reduce bacillus and achieve the purpose of removing acne and acne, promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, tighten loose skin and pregnancy lines.
Yellow: 590 nm
Freckle removal, desensitization, mainly used in dermatology and beauty salons. (combined with red light to alleviate and treat allergic dermatosis has obvious curative effect, reducing spots, inhibiting melanin and eliminating spots.
Green light: 560nm wavelength
Its main function is to control oil secretion, improve sensitive skin and tighten pores.
Calcium supplement:
this machine has the function of lighting and calcium supplement. Two uvb lamps with the wavelength of 320nm are preinstalled. After irradiating human skin, the skin promotes the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol into cholecalciferol through photochemical reaction, which is endogenous vitamin D3 and promotes the metabolism and absorption of calcium and phosphorus
Specification: Power:96W Rated Voltage:90V-240V Product Size:Expand 47*25.3*31.3cm/ Fold 38*25.3*20.8cm Package Dimensions:43.4*26.5*32.9cm Output voltage:24V-4A

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