Modle Number:HL-D13

DESCRIPTION DPL machine for permanent hair remove,skin rejuvenation,acne remove,wrinkle remove; DPL ( Dye Pulse Light ) , a new narrow-spectrum light technology , quickly ad efficiently solve facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (red face ) problems . Beacuse the curative effect is significantly beyond the photorejuvenation , and the treatment cycle is significantly shortened , it has epoch-making significance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology  E light introduction :  The core technology of E-light beauty skin therapy has three points : RF + light energy + epidernal cooling , which fully combines the respective advantages of light energy (IPL) and (RF) radio frequency , and utilizes the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to cause target tissue at a lower itensity of light energy , so that the tissue reches a desired temperature rise . Radio frequency penetrates deep into the skin , has no selective absorption , and its cinductivity in the skin is closely related to temperature .E-light beauty skin therapu combines the advantages of light energy and radio frequency , and utillzes the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to strengthen the absorption of radio frequency by skin tissue . At the same time , the RF surface contact cooling technology eliminates the discomfort and complications caused by the intense heat of the strong light , ans has a breakthrough in efficacy and safety . E light features : 1. Non-invasive , no need to apply anesthetic cream . 2. Almost no pain , everyone can accept . 3. Join the refrigeration tehnology , the clinical more comfortable and safe  4. Can wash your face , make up  5. A wider range of treatment , can treat a variety of deep spots , fine hair can not be achievedby the color light , the effect is more significant  6. RF is mot affected by pigmentation can act on dark skin The effect of E light  1. It can stimulate the activation of collagen mother cells , make it new collagen , firm skin and reduce wrinkles  2. Firming pores appear pi  

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