Hydrogen facial machine

hydrogen facial machine for deep cleaing,skin rejuvenation,skin firm,spots remove,anti-aging,moisture The heating function is installed to break through the tradition,and the technical level of the small bubble instrument is openedThe pores soften the cutin,make the skin clean moredeeply and thoroughly, and improve The skin is dull,blackheads, oil, aging keratin,so that the skin is clean andtransparent tender. Water Mill Cleaning 1.Three kinds of suction pentips, water mill tip, siliconesoft tip, crystal tip. 2.Imported high-power airpump, strong suction, cleanerand cleaner.The solution can be heated,the comfort is better, and it isnecessary for the north. ION MESOTHERAPY STOCKSOLUTION INTRODUCTION Using the unique water-cooling method and blue light anti-inflammatory and sterilization function, the hot hammermakes people feel warm and comfortable, relaxes the muscles, balances the autonomic nerves, stimulates theacceleration of blood circulation,increases the oxygencontent in the blood, and allows better absorption ofnutrients.lce hammer helps skin frmness, improves skinelasticity, effectively shrinks pores, calms and repairsredness and prevents allergies NON INVASIVE SUPERCONDUCTOR The essence is directly penetrated into the dermislayer of the skin through ionic beauty plastic,Improve the skin from the inside out, allowingthe essence to be fully absorbed lon Mesotherapy adopts electroporation technology,whichcompletely replaces traditional injections, including needles,water-light and micro-needles. Using the latest "water electrophoresis" and "aquaporin technology" to introduceactive ingredients into the mesoderm, and supplemented withelectrical stimulation to promote human metabolism, lymphatic circulation and blood circulation to achieve bettercosmetic effects.The peristaltic pump design does not touchthe pump body, and 15 levels of different concentrations ofthe original liquid accurately control the flow, which canpenetrate the nutritional ingredients into the basal layer ofthe skin in the form of nanometers, improve skin absorptionproblems, and make the skin white, transparent, firm and elastic. Specification: Product name:9 in 1 multifunctional Oxygen Bubble Skin Care Machine Power:250W Vacuum pressure:90Kpa Voltage:110v-220v Working Handle:9pcs Material:ABS+Metal Function 1.Facial ultrasound Activate the skin and promote the absorption of essence 2.Eye ultrasound Improve eye blood circulation 3.Multipolar RF Lifting and firming promote collagen regeneration,Removal wrinkles and anti-aging 4.Hydrodermabrasion Deep cleaning,Blackhead removal 5.Nano spray Oxygen jet,Moisturize the skin 6.Plasma Anti-bacterial Anti-inflammatory,for acne treatment,Oily skin, allergic dermatitis, hormone face 7.Electroporation BIO Microcurrent,Activate cells and accelerate nutrient absorption 8.Ion clamp Ion current accelerates skin blood circulation Good for absorption from mask 9.Hot and cold hammer Warm heating helps to open pores,Absorb the essence, Cold feeling can calm down, tighten skin and reduce swelling

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