Europe style for Radio Wave Frequency Machine - Mini RF machine | Modle:HL-R04 – Bowei

PRODUCT INFORMATION:The rf facial beauty device is powered by RF, vibration, iontophoresis, EMS low-frequency current stimulation LED radiation care, refrigeration technology, according to people's daily beauty habits, and various skin types
And set up a professional nursing program
Scope of application: This product can be used in homes, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc., and is also convenient for use when traveling.
Suitable for the crowd: skin relaxation, aging, fibrous tissue aging, lack of elasticity, dull skin, rough, dull
Ion lead in and lead out function is to utilize the principle of like charges repel each other while opposite charges attract, helping skin cleansing and nutrition absorption.
Beauty salon level LED red light can improve blood circulation, promote the cell metabolism. Beauty salon level LED blue light can improve acne effectively. For use with ice cold therapy mode can make the skin water and oil balance and calm down skin.
Ice cold therapy can help to shrink the pores and lock up the skin care essence
RF radio frequency will release heat deep into the skin after high frequency radio waves and then stimulated the secretion of collagen, activated collagen fibers, reduce wrinkles.
EMS stimulates deep facial muscles by radio waves, so as to recover facial skin elasticity and shaping firming facial contours
Skin lifting, V-face shaping;Accelerate blood circulation, 
promote skincare absorptivity;Stimulate the rebirth of collagen;
Reduce wrinkle; Improve acne skin;Balance skin grease; 
Clean dead skin and blackhead deeply