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Lipo Laser:
It was first used for new skin regeneration and for cell activation following surgery,
it was later discovered that by changing the lasers calibration, it could fight cellulite and fat on problem areas.Laser for fat reduction, use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells, broke the cellmembrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body thanks to metabolism.
 Ultrasonic Cavitation:
It use strong sonic gathered 40000HZ strong wave header acting on the body,attacking the fat layer,
speed vibrating deep stubborn fat,mightly cracking the cellulite,shrink the fatty cells
Multipolar RF:
Radio frequency is one kind of high frequency electromagnetic wave, it can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue through the fat layer, take heat into deep skin and then accelerate regeneration and reconstruction of skin deep-tissue.
40KHz sound wave vibrate fat cell and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells,generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids.
This is the eternal dream of effortless fat loss, without dangerous side effects. ne
1. Fat burning, Slimming, Body shaping
2. Effective promoting tissue metabolism and blood circulation, better for whiten skin
3. Improve orange peel organization
4. Strengthen the skin elasticity
5. Repair striate gravid arum
6. Anti-aging for face and body