China Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine Factory - 7in1 Oxgen facial machine | Modle:HL-X11D – Bowei

working principle
At a speed of 220 meters per second and a pressure of 6.5 Pa, will VB5, nucleotides,
bone collagen and other nutrients in the way of rapid injection into the skin dermis.
Under the premise to avoid the wound, quickly rejuvenates and hydrates skin. Deep
in the dermis under the point, location, given layer, quantitative injection cosmetic
materials, establish nutrition warehouse, after the tile so that a steady stream of dermal
collagen to quickly generate a large number of dermal collagen layer thickness, epidermal
dermal junction closer. Instant plastic, compact lift, smooth wrinkles, improved skin color,
nutrition, skin, significantly control the aging! The instrument has frozen calm water,
micro-electro-Lift, electric microneedles Lip other functions.
Frozen Head: calm the skin, shrink pores, locking nutrients
Atomization Probe: no needle pressure by the cosmetic formulations into the skin cells to strengthen the base layer, to increase its resistance, powerful tightens pores, makes skintranslucent moist muscle, efficient desalination and even the removal of dermal melanin pigmentation, let your skin like a newborn as whitening.
RF Head:Skin tightening reduce fine lines,promote collagen hyperplasia and restructuring
Nano Microneedles: import products to help the skin absorb nutrients
7 color PDT LED mask: use of photodynamic theory, activate the deep cells, make the skin better metabolism.
Water Oxgen jet is an effective acne treatment system, which mixes the water, medical oxygen and nutrition liquid completely, and in a speed of 200m/s spray out and act on skin. The mixture penetrates epidermis into deep dermis with 50-80μm tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous gland completely.
Micro diamond peeling(Bubble cleaner) :By using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up
1.Moisturizing skin deep is to complement the high-end plastic products, so the water is very good and long-lasting moisturizing effect, make the skin moist and long-lasting luster.
2.Improve the color can stimulate the skin metabolism to speed up, can quickly exhaust the body's melanin,improve yellowish dry skin, brighten the complexion, skin brightening light perception.
3.Stimulate the skin pores can speed up metabolism, play shrink pores effect cells, leaving skin smooth and firmer.
4.Eliminate wrinkles wrinkle effect is very good, capable of filling up the depressions sagging skin, stretch facial lines and crow's feet, etc. Sichuan word profile, tightening the skin.
5.Wrinkle Lift, instant upgrade, awaken the skin regeneration, reduce fine fine lines, reduce expression lines,reversing youth.
6. Coating repair, regulation damaged and sensitive skin coating the reconstruction process,
7.Remove stretch marks, containing biologically highly active anti-wrinkle ingredients, can take the initiative to start the repair mechanisms of the skin, repair collagen, fibrin and connective tissue, reduce stretch marks;
8.Enhance face-lift, wake-up skin regeneration function, reduce the face of aging and photoaging wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin aging, reversing youth. Strong lift facial skin, create a beautiful curve.
9.White Water, plants containing highly active ingredients glabridin for the latest international full effect whitening material, with a safe and efficient orientation to inhibit melanin production and decomposition of color lectin. 
The treatment of acne, calm pock, governance alopecia, home care, effective delivery of nutrients, etc.