BTL Exili | Modle:HL-BTL02

WHEN TO DECIDE THAT YOU NEED EXILI?Reducing facial wrinkles. Reduces excess fat in a variety of body areas Can be used to treat all areas of the face and body Tightens the skin When you are not qualified for or do not want surgical face lift Signs of neck/brow/eyelid sagging Elite is a non-invasive technology that utilizes focused monopolar (RF) radio frequency, which provides precise delivery of potent thermal energy at a deeper depth than competing technologies. An advanced thermoelectric cooling system also enables an unparalleled safety profile. This innovative device works for skin tightening of the face, neck and body areas as well as contouring of abdomen, thighs, arms and most areas of the body. 1. The Energy Flow Control System (EFC) guarantees maximum safety. 2. laser control the depth of the treatment of radio frequency(RF) 3. Only one treatment head in the same treatment area, its can be first deep degreasing , and then subcutaneous wrinkle 4. Built-in thermometer, the only system that can be used for temperature control 5. meets the Ergonomic - the best design of the body treatment head

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