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Principle of photon therapy led facial maskThe working principle of LED light Photon skin rejuvenator is like Photosynthesis, its nursing therapy is to use the power of light reaction on the skin maintenance and treatment of a new technology, to convert light energy into cellular energy, accelerated cell growth, accelerate blood circulation, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen tissue, increase skin elasticity, skin to fully enjoy the "photosynthesis"
Low-power LED optical illumination can fully replenish cellular energy, promote cell metabolism, stimulate five times collagen, accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin complexion, dull conditions, so as to achieve anti-aging, antioxidant, repair, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne efficacy and no side effects on the skin! Such a magical effect, is the traditional skin care can not reach heights! Is from the perspective of mass consumption, promote safe, convenient and practical product ideas, creative mask and skin rejuvenation technology will be integrated photon to LED cold light source, based on the use of the most advanced IPL rejuvenation technology, the inside out to improve skin problems, so that people enjoy the beauty SPA grade skin care
Function of photon therapy led facial mask
Effect of LED light Photon skin rejuvenator:
Shrinking Pore, delicate skin 100%
Powerfully remove acne and acne 100%
Control the growth of the true and false wrinkles 88.9%
Desalination, eliminate acquired splash 90.9%
To improve or eliminate pouch and black rim of the eye 87.5%
Improve the dull tone 83.33%
1. Promote the regeneration of collagen
LED the colored light directly penetrate to the dermis, activate collagen and fiber cells regeneration, improve flabby skin, increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Tighten the pores
LED three Health band spectrum into the internal pore, deep repair cells pore microcirculation, supplement energy, say goodbye to dull, recover firming, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic.
3. Intelligent repair
Activate the deep skin repair factor, promote the blood circulation, fade freckles and red blood silk, effectively improve the skin injury of different level.
4. Increase the active oxygen
Promote skin permeability, increase the active oxygen, lock in moisture, help the skin against outside pollution, improve skin ability to resist failure.
Seven Colors Function:
Red light: 630nm
It will stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein that used to repair damaged tissues and to repair the old tissues. It can remove fine line and shrink pores.
Blue light: 470nm
Bacteria in acne contains Porphyrins; because of the high affinity with wave length, the blue light is able to kill Porphyrins. In addition, the blue light has calm action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.
Green light: 520nm
The green light can balance the color pigment, and reduce fine lines, improve ageing skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, lightening the skin.
Yellow light: 590nm
It has special 590nm wavelength, so it can improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decomposing pigment, promoting lymphatic drainage, improving the wrinkles, rough skin and etc.
Purple light: (red+ blue)
It combines red light and blue light, which has two phototherapy effective . Particularly it has a good effect on repairing the acne.
Clear blue light
It can enhance cell energy gradually, and has a good metabolism facilitating effect.
Laser light: (white)
 can penetrate the skin deeply, so to accelerate the tissue metabolism, decomposition color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and ageing skin.

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